Exercise Foam Roller by Potential Energy Fitness

Product Features

  • RELAX MUSCLES while increasing blood flow to tight, tired and tender muscles. Muscles seem to melt while foam rolling. A relaxing end to a tough workout. Relieves stress at the end of a long day or tough workout.
  • IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY, mobility and range of motion while strengthening core muscles.
  • MASSAGE: Perfect tool for deep tissue massage. Alleviate your lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Relieves muscle tension and soreness.
  • RECOVER FASTER and allow you to perform at your peak exercise capacity. An essential instrument that every athlete needs in their arsenal.
  • PORTABLE and space saving design allows you to bring it with you anywhere you go without compromising its functionality or quality.
Price: $14.99
You Save: $13.00
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Product Description

This fitness foam roller was designed to cater for all needs from a amateur to the intermediate level athlete. It will help your body recover faster after a hard workout.

It is a medium density foam roller which gives you a perfect blend between firmness and flexibility. It is lightweight roller which makes it portable easy to carry in your gym bag.

The inner core of the foam roller like most rollers in this category is made up of sturdy plastic.

The EVA outer roller is great for large muscle groups, pre-workout stretching and warm up.

The inner EPE roller is great for smaller muscle groups like the neck, triceps, calves and shins. Also it is great for post workout cool down and stretching.


Fitness Foam Roller Customer Opinion

This pilates foam roller has a 4.5 star rating in Amazon out of 56 customer reviews. You can read all the customer reviews of this roller below.

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